L'instant suspendu

Dir: Cristina Dias
Prod: Kinodoc – Charleroi-Danses (Belgium)
Dvcam pro35 (1.78) – 12’ – colour – 2010

with Valentina Pace, Simon Courchel, Katharina Christl

It is noon, and a man is looking at himself in a mirror, when his reflection metamorphosises into a beautiful woman. She turns from him and runs into her world. His journey is through a never ending world of stairs, in which time accelerates, slows, and even seems to stop.


Festivals selections:

  • Pool12, Internationale Tanzfilm Platform (Berlin - Germany) 2012
  • Festival Internacional Videodanza Chile (Santiago - Chile) 2012
  • Dança em Foco (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil) 2011
  • Intenational Festival of Videodance de Napoli  (Naples - Italy) 2011
  • Festival REFLET (Marseille - France) 2011