Dir: Emmanuelle Bonmariage
Prod: Clin d'oeil film
HD (1.85) - colour – 2018

Co-photographed with Léo Lefevre

The day that Manu Bonmariage, documentary filmmaker, decided to give his second daughter the same first name as himself, Emmanuelle, was it for future posterity? And the day that the filmmaker leaves a camera to that same child, does this child become a custodian of a story, a journey?
Manu Bonmariage, who has continued to ‘strip’ society, is now 75 years old, ‘stripped’ himself, facing his doubts, his films and his daughter Emmanuelle, who decided to turn the camera onto him.
Although he has just learned that he is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, his daughter will follow him to try to capture his profound identity. That of the man mingled with the filmmaker.
Because his memory is playing tricks on him, Emmanuelle will go upstream and through her own eyes/vision, her own memory, she will offer us a portrait of a man close to the characters of direct cinema that he loved to film so much.

In post-production