The Mercy of the Jungle

Dir: Joël Karekezi
Prod: Néon Rouge (Belgium)
3.2k S35mm - 2.35 - colour – 2018

With Marc Zinga, Stephane Bak

In the Kivu jungle in Congo, Sergeant Xavier, a Rwandese hero of war, and the young and unexperimented private Faustin are in enemy territory where they wage a blurry war. When the two men lose their battalion, they are left alone without resources, lost in the inextricable Congolese jungle, known to be the widest, thickest and most dangerous in the continent. Caught between the raging fights where the enemies aren’t differentiated from the allies, they have no choice but to push deeper into the green hell. Searching for water, food and a way out, they are exposed to an omnipresent hostility. Alone, they must face their own demons.

In post-production