Dir: Jonathan Littell
Prod: Veilleur de Nuit (France), Zero One (Germany), Wrong Men North (Belgium)
2K (1.33) – 135' - colour – 2017

In the dark, stifling, impenetrable jungles of the Congo and the Central African Republic, heavily armed African soldiers are engaged in a relentless manhunt. Occasionally, they manage to flush out one or two of the enemy, kill them or capture them and free their slaves. Otherwise, the enemy remains out of sight: it is an invisible enemy. The sorry remnants of Joseph Kony's Lord’s Resistance Army.


Festival Selections:

  • Festival de Cannes 2016 (Cannes - France) - Official Selection (Séance spéciale)
  • IDFA 2016 (Amsterdam - Netherlands) - Best of Fest section
  • Jihlava Int. Film Festival 2016 (Jihlava - Tchek republic) - Official Selection
  • Watch Docs film Festival 2016 (Warsaw - Poland) - Opening film
  • Torino Film festival 2016 (Torino - Italy) - Official Selection
  • Jerusalem Int. Film Festival (Jerusalem - Israel) - Official Selection